Target Style: Striped Skirt

I haven’t posted in awhile, it’s true.  I suck.  BUT the best way to stay “In the Know” is to follow me on Instie. Outfit looks, everyday life….check it out!


Otherwise here’s a recent #ootd for a work look. I actually got contacted by Target asking if they could feature me in this skirt. Here’s two looks I’ve styled, one from two months ago and here’s todays!


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Jewelry Table

I am obsessed with finding new ways to repurpose items and to display my jewelry/fashion at home.  Take for example this setup below.

I wanted a staging area where I could put my basic jewelry that I wear pretty much every day, my perfumes, small rings, etc.  My necklaces are otherwise hanging in my closet but I wanted a display as I don’t like things on top of my dresser other than art!  I am a HUGE fan of NO NO NO Clutter and minimalized design so this was a perfect solution for me.

The entire project only cost me a few dollars.  But first here’s the pic!

photo 3

I found a small craft table at Goodwill for $2.  Just a basic table.  I then went to JoAnne Fabric, found a pattern of fabric I liked and that went with my decor, had it custom cut and voila I have a side jewelry table.  The fabric cost me $7.

From there I got some statement and art pieces to snazz it up – the “blah” sign was from Target and only $1 on clearance.  The mirror frame is also thrifted from Goodwill for 50 cents, and I found one of my favorite Carrie Bradshaw quotes and had it printed and framed.  I then thrifted the milk vase and small bowl you see in the center to stack my Alex and Ani and my smallest jewelry (earrings, rings, etc.)  The tray in the front I used for displaying my perfumes and earrings and that was also only $2 from Goodwill.  So all in all, in total it cost me $12.50!   The pink necklace display was from Christmas from my sister, including that gorgeous statement necklace, so definitely a nice little addition!

From there I found my three favorite perfumes that I mix up depending on how I’m feeling that day.  And ladies you should always mix up your perfumes to keep it spicy 😉
For SEXY: Seduction, Victoria Secret (to the left)
For FLIRTY: Twirl, by Kate Spade NY (middle)
For SOFT/EVERY DAY: Wildflower, by Banana Republic (to the right)

So there you have it. A small, non-costly project that helped me repurpose items in my home and upcycle thrifted goods from Goodwill.  I truly believe that if you display your items creatively, rather than throwing all your jewelry in a drawer, it will make you feel fabulous and help you better see everything you have to wear and find new ways to style it up.  Having a staging area in the morning also helps me on the days I’m running behind so I don’t have to sift through I can just grab and go!

Happy Styling!

Print Mixing (Plaid and Stripes)

Disclaimer: I love this outfit!  And apparently so does everyone in Instagram, it’s getting a lot of love right now 😉

I love print mixing.  Don’t be afraid to try different prints or styles together.  For example plaid and stripes.  At first glance you may think, huh?  But together they make a statement.  Combined with the oversized sweater you have a casual, weekend look for shopping or hitting up Starbucks. To me, stripes go with pretty much everything (as does leopard!)  So don’t be afraid to pull out some different things from your closet and see how they work together. Subtle prints in a scarf can be great, whereas if you mixed a striped top with a plaid sweater that may be a bit overkill. #justsayin.

photo 1 photo 3Sweater: Marshalls, last year #fabfound
Scarf: Forever21 (Recent)
Top: NY&Co (VERY old)
Jeans: H/M (old)
Shoes: Target (last year)

What are your favorite prints to mix?

Lace and Leather

Lace, Leather, Pearls…such an awesome combination.

llTop: Forever21, only $14.80!
Necklace: Express (A gift)
Blazer: Originally Express, but #thrifted from Savers

I like subtle touches – like the leather on the flaps of my jacket, which play nicely against the dark hue of the lace and the pop of the pearls.  Altogether another outfit for work that lets me look fashionable but functionable (new word)!

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, textures, and colors.  And always have one item that plays a the subtlety of your outfit.

Happy Pairing!

Styling a Deer Head| Unique Home Styling (Home Edition)

I love styling.  Not just for clothing and fashion – but for my home.  I like finding unique objects, people looking at me and going “girl say waaaa??” when they hear what I’m going to do, and knock their socks off when my idea/technique pulls through.

Take for example this deer bust from Target over Christmas.  I love deer.  Not necessarily the animals themselves as they’re running into the side of my car, but figurines, representations, art…that kind of thing.  And no ladies I’m not a hunter so I don’t go shooting down a doe for the purpose of my home decor.  Just not my thing – I’m all about pushing the lines for fashion, but some things are just too much.

When I saw this at Target I just loved it.  I immediately thought it would be great for jewelry.  Then I thought it would look great on my desk, in my living room….I tried it a few places but still ended up settling on my dresser. I have a very less is more mentality when it comes to decorating as of late.  I used to have crap strewn EVERYWHERE.  Like, unending.  But now I like everything to be put away with minimal decor to really jump out at you and give accent to your place.  So I rearranged my dresser top to make room for this lovely lady.  I should name her…..


Just keep in mind that you can repurpose any item you find for the purpose of your house, your office, your wardrobe…anything really.  This figurine may have made people cringe at first but honestly Target couldn’t keep it on the shelves (this I know because it was hard to find – luckily my mama snagged it for me for Christmas!)  Style and interior design and inspiration is subjective.  Don’t just hang your necklaces on the wall, or cram them into a jewelry box.  Find new and creative ways to display them – that will make you feel you have more than you actually do, you’ll be more tempted to wear your items more than once, and hey it just looks cool like your home should be captured for Architecture Digest or something (Just sayin’).

Happy home inspiring!

Rochester Fashion

Did a little exploring in Rochester NY this weekend…and even exploring you can look fashionable and well-dressed!

Friday night we went to Flight Wine Bar – and I absolutely loved it!

photo 3 (2)

photo 2 (2)Flight Wine Bar
Corn Hill, Rochester NY

Experimented with my hair that night too with my new Hot Tools curling rod.  And loved the volume that I got!

photo 1 (9)

Va. Va. Voom.
Love it!  I have extremely thin hair so to get any volume is well marvelous dah’ling.

Lastly we explored the Rochester Public Library Saturday.  Went for a casual, hipster look!

photo 4 (2)

photo 5 (4)

Jacket: Kenneth Cole, but actually from Burlington Coat Factory
Sweater: Old Navy (recent)
Knit Hat: Target (few months ago)
Booties: recently #thrifted from Goodwill for only $4!  Originally Aldo
Necklace: F21
Crossbody: Coach Outlet (gift)

What do you wear when you go exploring?


Sometimes all you need is just a little Ooh-La-La to get your weekend started 😉

photo 5

Sweater: Old Navy (few months ago)
Necklace: Target (gift) – still in stores, can’t find online